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The history of School of Geographical Sciences can be traced back to Geography Division of Guangzhou Normal College established in 1956. In July of 2004, the School of Geographical Sciences was officially established along with the founding of Guangzhou University.

The school is composed of three departments and two research institutes. They are Department of Geography, Department of Geographic Information Science, Department of Resource Planning and Management System, Institute of Engineering and Prevention of Natural Disasters, Institute of Land Development and Urban Construction. The number of students including the graduates is up to 900 by far.

Our school offers 3 undergraduate programs, which are Geographical Sciences, Geographic Information System, and Resources, Environment and Urban Planning Management (including the research directions of "Regional Logistics Planning and Application" and "Real Estate and Land resource planning and management"). There are also 5 master programs by research, which are Geography (including Natural Geography, Human Geography, and Cartography and Geographic Information System), Public Management with the research field of Land Resources Management, Ecology with the research field of Landscape and Urban Ecology, Urban and Rural Planning with the research field of Regional and Urban Planning, and Education with the research field of Courses and Education for Geography. Our school also offers two professional master programs, which are Master of Education (Geography) and Master of Engineering (Regional Planning).

Table 1 Introduction to Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Programs of the School of Geographical Sciences



Undergraduate Programs

Geographical Sciences

Geographic Information System

Resources Environment & Urban Planning Management

Postgraduate Programs



Natural Geography

Human Geography

Cartography & Geographic Information System

Public Management

Land Resources Management


Landscape & Urban Ecology

Urban & Rural Planning

Regional and Urban Planning


Courses and Education (Education of Geography)


Master of Education (Geography)

Master of Engineering (Regional Planning)